Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine (Servopulser)
U-Type Loading Frame (Overhead Actuator Type)

For Endurance Testing and Functional Testing of Actual Specimens

The large testing table below and crosshead mounted actuator above create a large testing space for testing actual objects, such as structural members and large specimens.


  • The spacious testing space accommodates large specimens and allows the attachment of various test jigs and environment control devices.
  • The highly rigid frame prevents buckling of specimens and saves losses in hydraulic energy due to frame deformation.
  • The one-touch crosshead hydraulic drive mechanism allowed the crosshead to be raised or lowered and clamp operation to be performed easily by a single handle.


Type U50kN U100kN U200kN
Part No. Frame 344-10042-31 344-10043-31 344-10044-31
Actuator 344-14290 344-14300-01 344-14302-01
Test force Dynamic/Static (kN) 50/75 100/150 200/300
Test stroke (mm) ±25
Eff. column length (mm) 620 675
Distance from grip to mounting flange (mm) 160 to 770 150 to 750 200 to 1200
Crosshead drive/clamp operation One-touch hydraulic drive/hydraulic clamp (friction fixed)
Rigidity (at 300 mm clearance between crosshead and table) (mm/kN) 0.0025 0.0018 0.0008
W × D × H (mm)
Weight (kg) 1100 1300 2400

* Models with max. stroke of ±50 mm and other strokes also are available.
* Models with extended columns (extra 400 mm) also are available.
* Models having a table length of 1500 mm and 2000 mm also are available.
* Optional stand also is available.
* Crosshead drive/clamp operation stand for a U-type loading frame and accumulator are separate.

[Evaluation Targets]

Fatigue strength/ Hydraulic actuation, Rubber/plastics, Automobile parts/chassis, Metal/machinery, Construction/civil engineering, Ceramic materials and Fatigue strength products

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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