Shimadzu EDX-LE Plus

No experience necessary—great for beginners

“This is the First time I’ve used a spectrometer. Will it be easy for me to use without any specialist knowledge?”

“Can it make correct judgments even with very strict threshold values?”
When it comes to the requirements on X-ray Fluorescence spectrometers for RoHS/ELV hazardous element screening, Shimadzu provides:

Security—provided by user-friendly features that allow judgments to be made automatically by the device
Reliability—provided by performance that allows precise analysis of a wide range of elements

The EDX-LE Plus is highly-optimized to meet these user needs.

Making the Diffcult Simple

• The “Screening Analysis” window makes operation easy
• Fully automatic, from selecting conditions to determining main components
• Simple screening setting functions can be changed easily with the control system on the user side

Fully Equipped with Essential Functions

• RoHS/ELV analysis functions are included as standard
• Large sample chamber enables as-is measurement of large samples
• Protection functions restrict changing conditions or data

Analysis Conditions for RoHS/ELV Elements Included As Standard

• Includes analytical conditions for measuring cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, and bromine (with built-in calibration curves).
• The included polyethylene check sample eliminates any concern over instrument management.
• Screening options are available for chlorine and even antimony in plastics.


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