Servopulser Servo Dynamic Systems

This revolutionary fully digital servo controlled multi-functional materials testing machine opens up a new era in fatigue testing systems. It provides excellence in all aspects, including precision, reliability, and expandability, through its fully digital control achieved by bringing together the latest technologies.

For Fatigue and Endurance Testing of Various Materials and Small Parts

These compact tabletop models with a top-mounted actuator on an L-type loading frame can perform a wide range of fatigue and endurance tests, from fatigue testing materials to testing small components or parts.

Dual-Stage Crosshead Drive Mechanism

The hydraulic crosshead drive and hydraulic clamp can be operated intuitively using handles.
This dual-stage configuration helps prevent operating errors and accidents

High Rigidity and Large Testing Space

A T-slot surface plate makes it easy to secure components

Compact Tabletop Testing Machine

A dedicated table for supporting the main testing machine (optional) and a table for enclosing the hydraulic power supply unit are available.


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