Lightweight, Compact Jack System

The JF Series Force Simulator was developed with the emphasis on light weight, compact size and ease-of-use as a general-purpose, compact jack for the Servopulser system. Testing systems installed with the Force Simulator can easily perform endurance, fatigue and simulation tests on small structural members and various other structural members, which helps improve the logical design and reliability of products.


  • Lightweight
    Jack (20 KN ±100 mm) weighs 25 kg. The jack’s self-weight hardly affects the specimen when a dynamic load is applied.
  • Compact
    The jack is compact, which means a small installation footprint on the specimen.
  • Easy handling
    The lightweight and compact actuator is portable and easy to install. Hydraulic hoses are easy to connect using one-touch couplings.
  • Diverse Mounting Options
    A wide range of optional mounting brackets allows specimens to be mounted in a variety of angles.
  • Testing Systems Can Be Easily Configured
    Testing systems can be easily configured by combining a portable hydraulic unit, 4830 controller and test jig with Force Simulator.

[Actuator Size and Weight]

Model Stroke±50 mm±100 mm±150 mm
JF5KNWeight17 kg20 kg26 kg
Overall length565 mm815 mm1065 mm
Weight21 kg25 kg28 kg
Overall length570 mm820 mm1070 mm
JF30kNWeight74 kg84 kg94 kg
Overall length715 mm965 mm1215 mm

*1: The weight includes the load cell and servo valve.
*2: The overall length is the dimension at the central position, with the load cell attached.

[System Configuration Example]

[Standard System Configuration and Main Specifications]

ActuatorDynamic test force±5 kN±10 kN±20 kN±30 kN
Static test forceApprox.±7 kNApprox.±13 kNApprox.±27 kNApprox.±39 kN
Effective stroke±mm)Select 50, 100 or 150
Servo valveRated pressure21 MPa
Flowrate19 L/min (when pressure drops by 7 MPa)
Load cellModelSCL-5kNSCL10kNSCL-20kNSFL-30kN
Hydraulic power supply unitModelAF-10B
Rated pressure21 MPa
Pumping rate9 L/min/50 Hz, 11 L/min/60 Hz
OtherMotor: 5.5 kW, 4-pole (drip-proof) / Constant-rate gear pump tank capacity: 90 L/ACC1L installed / Cooling method: air cooled / With casters
PipesHigh-pressure rubber hose5 m, 1/2 inch with coupling at each end, including spiral-wire guard3/4 inch
UtilitiesPower supply200/220 V±10 %, 8 kVA, 3-phase and 100 V±10 %, 300 VA, single-phase
*Other combinations of hydraulic power supply, controller, etc. also are available. Consult your Shimadzu representative for details.

[Evaluation Targets]

Fatigue strength/Hydraulic actuation, Automobile parts/chassis

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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