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    Using Science and Technology to Innovate and Solve Societal Challenges Together with Customers from Around the World

    Shimadzu Corporation has been doing business based on our corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology,” since being founded almost 150 years ago.

    The analytical and measuring instruments, industrial machinery, and aircraft equipment that we provide are used in a wide range of industries, where they play a role in protecting the safety and security of society and improving convenience of life through our customers’ businesses. In addition, the Shimadzu products used at healthcare facilities for diagnosis, treatment, or measuring health, and the equipment used to support the development of new drugs, serve an important role in supporting the desire of people to live healthy lives.

    Yasunori Yamamoto

    I believe we have been able to continue contributing to society, despite our limitations, because we have always taken on the challenge of solving issues that our customers face. Consequently, we have steadily improved our technologies to “separate and visualize” gases, liquids, solids, genes, proteins, and other substances to determine their properties. We have also repeatedly taken on the challenge of developing new devices and creating new technologies that are key to manufacturing. Those efforts have resulted in a treasure trove of diverse technologies able to quickly solve customer challenges.

    Today, society continues to change at an unprecedented pace. In the face of an endless stream of new challenges, including the pandemic, global warming, declining birth rates, and aging populations, we remain committed to actively confronting these challenges with renewed determination. By listening carefully to the silent voices of society and the earth, we will rise to solve those challenges and work with customers around the world to create innovative solutions. That is truly the mission expressed by our corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology.”

    Shimadzu will continue to use the technologies and wisdom inherited from our past to transition to a higher level than ever before. Therefore, please look forward to more great things to come from Shimadzu in the future.

    Yasunori Yamamoto, President and CEO





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