Shim-pack MC Series

Micro LCMS Analysis Column/Trapping Column

– Micro-bore ODS column compatible with a mobile phase flowrate of 1 μL/min to several dozen μL/min – Suppressing of metal coordinative adsorption by inactivation of the column parts in contact with solution – In addition to low molecular compounds, enabling even analysis of peptides and other polymers

Improved LCMS Sensitivity by Analysis with Micro Solvent Delivery

The use of a micro-bore column compatible with mobile phase flowrates as low as 1 μL/min significantly improves the sensitivity of LCMS analysis.

Excellent Durability in Routine Analyses of Biological Samples

Stable peak forms and retention times are obtained even after 1500 injections of plasma samples with only deproteinization by organic solvents.

UF-Link Column-MS Interface Connection Mechanism

With UF-Link, a column-MS interface connection mechanism for Shimadzu micro LCMS systems, simply place the column in the column oven and swing over the lever to provide improved sensitivity, without the risk of sample diffusion outside the column.

Attach the adapter to the column. The unified threads on the adapter make it compatible with a wide variety of columns.

Place the column in the UF-Link mechanism inside the oven.

Complete the connection by swinging over the lever.

Product Information

P/NModel NameSolid PhaseParticle SizeSize
Analysis Columns
228-59937-91Shim-pack MC C18C181.9 µm0.3 mm i.d. x 50 mm L.
228-59937-93Shim-pack MC C18C181.9 µm0.175 mm i.d. x 50 mm L.
228-59937-95Shim-pack MC C18C181.9 µm0.15 mm i.d. x 50 mm L.
P/NModel NameSolid PhaseParticle SizeSize
Trapping Columns
228-59938-91Shim-pack MCT C18C183 µm0.3 mm i.d. x 35 mm L.
228-59938-92Shim-pack MCT C18C183 µm0.5 mm i.d. x 35 mm L.
228-59939-91Shim-pack MCT C8C83 µm0.3 mm i.d. x 35 mm L.
228-59939-92Shim-pack MCT C8C83 µm0.5 mm i.d. x 35 mm L.


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