Exact Mass Database

Ready-to-use methods for metabolomics

The physical properties of target compounds in metabolomics can vary greatly. An analysis method tailored to the target compounds is therefore needed for comprehensive measurements of metabolites.
This database contains multiple ready-to-use methods for comprehensive analysis of metabolites with different properties. Pretreatment examples are also included for various metabolites and samples. The user can begin a metabolomics analysis without time-consuming evaluation of LC or MS conditions.

Information for 470 compounds

This database is based on the successful LC/MS/MS Method Packages for Primary Metabolites, Cell Culture Profiling, Lipid Mediators, Short Chain Fatty Acids, and Bile Acids, and provides a comprehensive list of 470 metabolites (including internal standards) with retention times and exact mass information.

The database is compatible with the Multi-omics Analysis Package (sold separately). Processing the analysis results with Multi-omics Analysis Package allows statistical analysis, network analysis and visualization on the metabolic map(exc. Short chain fatty acids) to be carried out easily.​

Method nameNo. of registered compounds*
Primary metabolites99
Cell culture profiling96
Lipid mediators214
Short chain fatty acids23
Bile acids38

*including internal standards 


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