New material strength testing systems for materials in the micro field that cannot be handled by regular testers.

A new evaluation system for measuring the material strength of micro regions, such as semiconductors, LSI, ceramics, hard disks, vapor deposited films, and thin coating layers, not addressed by previous hardness testers. It can also be used to evaluate the hardness of plastics and rubbers.

Powerful Tools for Surface Strength Evaluations on Every Type of Material

This instrument uniquely measures dynamic indentation depth, not the indentation after the test. This in turn permits measurement of very thin films and surface (treatment) layers that are impossible to measure with conventional methods. Additionally, this same method supplies the data needed to calculate elastic modulus on the test specimens.


Metal Materials : Capable of measuring micro-structure constituent components within a sample, not just overall hardness.

Plastics : Measurement of materials exhibiting high light absorption, which is difficult for conventional methods, is easily performed on the DUH-211 series.

Rubbers and Elastomers : Rubber hardness has traditionally been measured under a set of fixed conditions according to JIS K6301/ISO7619 using a rubber hardness tester. Now, the DUH-211 permits measurement of this same amterial under various different sets of conditions. Additionally, this instrument also permits hardness measurement of the surface layers alone, thus providing useful information for the study of surface deterioration.

Glasses and Ceramics : The DUH is capable of measuring brittle samples, such as glass and ceramics, either with or without forming cracks.

Thin Films : Measuring the strength of film coatings produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), or surface layers treated by ion implantation, is important for improving film production techniques. Since the DUH-211 is able to measure using ultra-low loads, it is ideal for this application.

Fibers : The DUH-211 provides useful information for strength evaluation testing on glass fibers, carbon fibers, whiskers, fibers made of other composite materials, and optical fibers.

Electronic Parts such as IC and LSI : Hardness is an important factor for the evaluation of reliability of LSI and other electronic elements. The DUH-211 permits easy hardness testing of the desired parts of the pattern on an IC or LSI.

Particulate Matter : Use of the optional flat-tip indenter provides easy measurement of particle proof stress. This data is useful for improvement of the pretreatment technique or fine particles.


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