Nexera lite inert

Nexera lite inert is a robust HPLC system that eliminates the risk of corrosion by high-salt mobile phases and sample adsorption onto metal surfaces. It improves the data quality of protein analysis in biological samples with superior reproducibility, without any special considerations for stable and long-term use.

Improved Data Reliability by Preventing System Corrosion by Halogenic Salt

Aggregates of antibody drugs show immunogenicity and cause a decrease in purification efficiency and production. Therefore, an aggregation test is one of the most critical evaluations when manufacturing biopharmaceuticals and controlling their quality. However, a metal-free LC system is required for good repeatability over a long time due to high-concentration, salt-containing mobile phases such as Sodium chloride. With no metal material in the flow path, Nexera lite inert provides stable aggregate assay results with good repeatability.

  • Monoclonal IgG antibody aggregate analysis by size exclusion chromatographyte
  • Corrosion resistance test results of pump heads

Superior Retention Time Stability by Highly Accurate Solvent Delivery

Thanks to the outstanding flow-rate stability, the Nexera lite inert provides excellent retention time repeatability.

Analysis of the aggregates in the antibody drug

Analysis of the aggregates in the antibody drug (n=5)

Real-Time Monitoring of Mobile Phase pH

In ion exchange or size exclusion chromatography, the pH of the mobile phase sometimes affects the separation of compounds. The pH Monitor, pHM-40, continuously monitors and records the pH of the mobile phase. The pH and detector chromatograms are saved within the same data file and can be overlapped, ensuring efficient data traceability.

System Configuration


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