Czerny-Turner-Mounting Assures Sharp Spectral Lines and Stability

This is the top-end ICP emission spectrometer incorporating double sequential monochromators to achieve both high resolution and high speed. It offers a range of options for all introduction systems. The instrument is easy to use and can be applied to research and development and quality control.

High resolution (0.0045 nm)

It achieves the high resolution required for the analysis of metals, rare earths, and soils. It offers highly accurate analysis of target elements down to trace levels, with no effect from interfering elements or major component elements. 

Twin sequential monochromators achieve long-term stability

The vacuum monochromators allow high-sensitivity analysis of P, S, B, I, Al, and other elements that have highly sensitive analysis lines in the vacuum ultraviolet region. As gas purging is not required, fluctuations and contamination due to the gas convection are eliminated. The stabilization time is short and long-term analysis stability is ensured.

Easy analysis

Just register the sample name to start analysis using the preset analysis conditions. The analysis conditions can be easily changed and incorporated into routines. The measured results can be opened in report format using commercial software.


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