Shimadzu’s new-generation GC-2025 capillary gas chromatograph minimizes environmental impact by reducing power and carrier gas consumption while retaining the performance capabilities required for capillary analysis. The GC-2025 incorporates a digital flow controller that controls both the carrier and detector gases and a newly designed energy-saving column oven that features small volume and less heating loss, realizing a dramatic improvement in operation costs. The compact GC-2025 is the gas chromatograph for environmentally friendly, high value performance.

Compact, All-in-One Design

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for instruments with a smaller installation footprint to more effectively utilize laboratory space. The GC-2025 meets this requirement while incorporating all the functions required for normal capillary analysis.

Comparison of GC (Top View)

Units for Normal Analysis Crowded into a Compact Space

The split/splitless injection unit (SPL), flame ionization detector (FID), and electronic flow controllers (AFC/APC) are installed as standard.

Compact Design Accepts Commercial Capillary Columns Despite the compact instrument design, the small-capacity oven accommodates the shape of commercially available capillary columns (column depth 9 cm max.).

Excellent Basic Performance

Incorporating design elements from the high-performance GC-2010 Plus capillary gas chromatograph, the GC-2025 achieves energy savings while offering the highest performance demanded for capillary analysis, delivering highly accurate analysis results and enhanced productivity.

High-Sensitivity Trace Analysis

The FID minimum detectable limit of 2 pgC/s offers high sensitivity for trace analysis.

Electronic Flow Controllers Achieve Excellent Operability and Reproducibility

The GC-2025 adopts the same well-proven electronic flow controllers (AFC/APC) for carrier gas and detector gas control that are used in the GC-2010 Plus. They offer highly accurate flow control to achieve excellent reproducibility.


Comparison of Power Consumption

The eco-friendly GC-2025 significantly cuts electric power costs compared to previous models to reduce the burden on the environment.
Heat losses are significantly reduced through high-performance insulation and a smaller oven size to reduce the heating requirements. In addition, it incorporates an energy-saving heater to further cut power costs.
Power consumption is reduced by 30% for programmed temperature analysis in comparison to other GC models.
(The actual power consumption depends on the ambient temperature during analysis.)

This product conforms to Shimadzu’s Eco-labeled designation.
* Energy savings: 30% reduction as compared to the previous model


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