Bara Scientific


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Bara Scientific : Affiliated Company of Barawindsor Group

The Barawindsor Co., Ltd., as a leading group of companies in Thailand for over 50 years with 10 departments operating various businesses and over 40 affiliated companies covering 6 categories of businesses and industries, is very pleased to expand its Scientific Instrument Division into one of its affiliated companies in 2003. The new affiliated company is called the Bara Scientific Co., Ltd.

It is established to support the development of various businesses of the division, which has been an Exclusive Distributor in Thailand of SHIMADZU quality Analytical Instruments and Testing Machine, products of Japan, since 1987. This division has been expanding and developing its business continuously up to present, and is ready to create quality technological services to respond to customers’ requirements to their continued satisfaction in the Company’s goods and services under the name of the “Bara Scientific Co., Ltd.”.


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