Corporate Philosophy


    Corporate Philosophy

    Contributing to Society through Science and Technology

    Management Principle

    Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of Mankind and the Earth

    Corporate Code of Ethics

    Principles of Conduct

    1. Customer-Oriented Approach

    Through the development of original technology, we shall provide high-quality products and services that society truly needs at reasonable prices on a timely basis, thereby contributing to society through business.

    2. Fairness and Transparency

    We shall, observe all applicable laws, regulations, and other social norms, and act in an open and fair manner, in our business activities that are developed in various countries or when representing the company in our private lives.
    We shall maintain a healthy and proper relationship with political and governing bodies and not engage in any activities that contradict our own sense of social decency, such as involvement with groups or individuals that exert a negative influence on social order or healthy corporate activity.

    3. Dialogues with Stakeholders

    We shall establish a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and regional communities. For this purpose, we shall disclose mutually beneficial information suitably, appropriately, and intelligibly for smooth and reciprocal communications. We shall consider and incorporate external opinions and expectations, and other information appropriately into our business activities in prompt manner.

    4. Contribution to Society and Global Environmental Conservation

    We shall take a long-term, global perspective in continuing to contribute to society through our business activities, strive for harmony with local communities, and execute our social responsibilities. Recognizing the fact that tackling environmental problems is an important issue with respect to our corporate identity, we shall voluntarily and actively strive to contribute to the conservation of the global environment and the well-being of mankind.

    5. Respect for the Creativity and Individuality of Employees

    We shall strive to maintain a working environment that allows individual employees to, through their work, express their creativity and individuality, to freely strive for self-actualization, and to continuously make a valuable contribution to the company.
    We shall respect the rights of the individual and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, language, nationality, religion, physical handicaps, beliefs, or for any other reason.


    Conduct Guidelines

    1. Conduct Guidelines Related to Compliance

    In both our business activities and when representing the company in our daily lives, we shall respect and observe all applicable laws, regulations, and other social norms. In addition, in the event of an accident, we will act with sincerity and integrity.

    2. Conduct Guidelines Related to Contributing to Society Through Business Activities

    We shall strive to provide the products and services that society truly needs, while challenging ourselves to develop new technologies and to pioneer new ventures, with the aim of contributing to an abundant future for mankind.

    3. Conduct Guidelines Related to Providing Products and Services That Are Safe, Trusted, and Worry-Free

    We shall give top priority to providing customers with products and services that are safe, trusted, and worry-free.

    4. Conduct Guidelines Related to Science and Technology Ethics

    We shall treat science and technology very seriously, maintaining fairness, sincerity, and responsibility for all decisions and actions in processes ranging from R&D to service.

    5. Conduct Guidelines Related to Fair Trading

    We shall conduct business transactions fairly, in a mutually beneficial manner, and using common sense.

    6. Conduct Guidelines Related to Interactions in the Course of One’s Duties

    We shall not, in the course of our duties, interact with public officials, private business partners, or affiliates in a manner that violates the law or socially-accepted practices.

    7. Conduct Guidelines Related to the Observance of Antitrust Laws

    We shall not engage in activities aimed at unfairly restricting transactions or eliminating free competition.

    8. Conduct Guidelines Related to the Disclosure and Transmission of Correct Information

    We shall disclose and transmit correct information with integrity, in a fair and timely manner.

    9. Conduct Guidelines Related to the Appropriate Control of Confidential Information

    We shall acquire and safely protect confidential information relevant to our business processes (including personal information), from within our own company and other companies, in accordance with appropriate rules. In addition, we shall not use such information for purposes other than the original intent or disclose it to other parties.

    10. Conduct Guidelines Related to Insider Trading

    We shall not use inside information for personal gain.

    11. Conduct Guidelines Related to Fair Job Behavior

    We shall not use the company unfairly for our personal benefit or abuse our position of authority.

    12. Conduct Guidelines Related to Health and Safety

    We shall provide a workplace environment where employees can work safely and securely and we shall strive to maintain or improve employee health.

    13. Conduct Guidelines Related to Respecting the Human Rights and Diversity of Employees

    We shall respect the human rights, personalities, and individuality (diversity) of all employees. We shall also strive to utilize human resources and create a workplace in a manner that fully utilizes the abilities of all employees and achieves a healthy balance between work and personal life (work-life balance).

    14. Conduct Guidelines Related to Anti-Social Elements

    We shall resolutely oppose the influence of anti-social elements and shall completely avoid all such involvements.

    15. Conduct Guidelines Related to International Activities

    Based on an international perspective and our desire for world peace and the protection of the environment and human rights, we shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of relevant countries and respect their cultures and values in our business activities.

    16. Conduct Guidelines Related to Society

    Through our business activities, we shall actively engage in contributing to the advancement of society and fulfill the corporate social responsibilities (CSR) expected of global companies.

    17. Conduct Guidelines Related to the Global Environment

    We shall conserve the global environment and strive to achieve a sustainable society.



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