• Silent operation is realized by the tough machine body.
  • Simple design with handleability.
  • Many kinds of sample fixing jig can be used on the stage.
Design / StructureBenchtop Type (Base: Aluminum Casting/ Cover: Steel Sheeting with Hard Acrylic Window)
Safety MechanismMotorAs the “Doors Interlock” contact is down (when the front door opened), 
main motor shaft and coolant circulation stop instantaneously.
DoorsFrontUp-and-Down Open Door with Hard Acrylic Windows
Left Hand SideSmall Slide Door for inserting long specimen
Max Available
Sample Size
CylindricalIn case ø 230 mm Cutting Wheel: Max ø 80 mm In case ø 255 mm Cutting Wheel: Max ø 90 mm
Cutting WheelaDimensionsOuter Dia. : ø 230/ 255 mm × Inner Dia. : ø 31.75 mm × T 1.2 mm
FlangeOuter Dia. : ø 60 mm
Rotary Speed3420 rpm-60 Hz/ 2850 rpm-50Hz
Main Motor3 HP/ 2.2 KW/ AC3P Induction Motor
Sample Stage
StructureFixed Type
DimensionsW 340 × L 230 mm ** with 6 T-slots (X direction: 6 slots each with 10mm width) 
for fixing various vice and jig
Sample Fixing ViseVarious kinds of Vise and Fixing Jigs attachable on Stage (OPTION)
Special Sample Fixing Jig
Cooling SectionStructureSeparate Type/ Double Tank Type (with Steel Mesh Filter)
Cut Powder
Magnet Separator (OPTION)
Coolant Tank
30 L
Circulation Pump1/8 HP
Coolant Capacity30 L/min
Water Nozzlefor Cutting Sample: 2 pcs/ for Cleaning Chamber: 1 pc
Inner IlluminationLED Light: 1 pc
Machine DimensionsW700 × D700 × H500 mm
Machine Weightxx kg
Cooling Device WeightW xxx × D xxx × H xxx mm
Cooling Device Weightxx kg
Power Supply3P-AC200 to 240 V/ 50 Hz, 60 Hz (OPTION: 3 P-AC380 V)
Standard AccessoriesCutting Wheel: ø 230, ø 255 mm × 2pcs each/ Window Parts for Long Specimen: 1 pc/ Wrench: 2 pcs/ Coolant: 1 L × 2 btls/ Accessory Box: 1 pc

* Shimadzu reserves right to change product design without notice.


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