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A Variety of Original Functions to Support the User

            CR Scan

            To obtain fluoroscopic images with no distortion in the
            vertical axis direction, data is only collected from the
            centerline of the X-ray detector while the sample is
            moved vertically.

                                                           X-Ray Fluoroscopic Image            CR Scan Image

            Real-Time Sensitivity

            This enables obtaining sharp X-ray fluoroscopic images
            free of shading (uneven brightness).

                                                               Not corrected                    Corrected

            DICOM Conversion Function

            This enables converting obtained CT image data to the DICOM format, the world standard for medical imaging.
            This function is essential for analyses with medical imaging analysis software.
            *Operation with all DICOM compatible software is not guaranteed.
            *CT image brightness is displayed in 16-bit grayscale, and does not conform to Hounsfield units.
             A conversion function is provided for CT image brightness values via manual input.

            Enhanced Noise Reduction Function

            In comparison with conventional processing, noise is reduced while keeping the shape of longitudinal sections intact.

                                 Conventional Processing                      Noise Reduction Function

            Software Limit Function

            The software limit function, which can be configured to suit the sample size, helps prevent collisions between the X-ray generator
            and sample.

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