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Basic System to Achieve High Performance

            System Structure and Basic Principles

            The measurement target (sample) is positioned between the X-ray generator and the X-ray detector, as shown in the figure below.
            X-ray fluoroscopic data is collected from every angle by rotating the sample 360 degrees, and computed tomographic images
            (CT images) are calculated.


                                                                                        X-ray detector
                           X-ray generator

                                                               Rotation stage

                                     CT reconstruction region

                        Fluoroscopic Image                 CT Image                        3D Image

            MPR Display                       VR Display                    MPR Display
                  B            C
                                                                            (Arbitrary cross sectional display)
                                                                            Stands for Multi Planar Reconstruction.
                                                                            Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual
                                                                            space, and four images — a CT image, mutually
             A                                                              orthogonal longitudinal section images, and an
                                                                            arbitrary section image orthogonal to the
               CT Image (XY plane)  Cross Section B (YZ plane)              longitudinal section images — are arranged for

                                                                            VR Display
                                                     Cross Section C
                                                     Cross Section C
                                                  Cross Section A  Cross Section B  Stands for Volume Rendering.
                                                                            Multiple CT images are stacked in a virtual
                                                                            space, and rendered in three dimensions.
              Cross Section A (XZ plane)  Cross Section C

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