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P. 10

A Wealth of Analysis Software to Accommodate

            a Variety of Situations

                                                                                    t #SJHIUOFTT QSPåMF EJTQMBZ
                                                                         t *NBHF EJTQMBZ
                                                                                         t .FBTVSFT UIF BOHMF BOE
                                                                                           EJTUBODF GSPN UIF JNBHF

            Standard Software

            *NBHF 1SP "OBMZ[FS
            This 2D image processing software is capable of
            high-level image processing.

            Optional Software

             % *NBHF 1SPDFTTJOH 4PGUXBSF                          7PMVNF (SBQIJDT (NC)
            P/N: 362-99203-01 (32bit)

            This software displays the tomographic images obtained by X-ray CT in 3D via volume
            rendering (VR). Basic animation creation and simple measurement functions are provided.

            7(4UVEJP ."9                                          7PMVNF (SBQIJDT (NC)
             % *NBHF 1SPDFTTJOH 4PGUXBSF
            P/N: 362-99203-03 (32bit)

            This is the functionally extended version of the standard VGStudio software. The extended
            functionality includes animation creation (rotation, cross section, viewpoint motion); length,
            angle, minimum distance, histogram, volume, surface area, porosity, and other measurements;
            ROI area extraction; image filtering; and 3D image data alignment.

            %FGFDU "OBMZTJT                                       7PMVNF (SBQIJDT (NC)
            P/N: 362-99203-13 (32bit)

            This can extract internal defects from X-ray CT images of foundry pieces and resins, allowing
            measurement of void quantity, volume, XYZ dimensions, projected area, and other properties.
            Reports can also be generated.

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