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Convenient Features for Improved Inspection Efficiency

            Teaching                                                               Panoramic Image
            Register checkpoints in advance to inspect the same type of            Specify the range from the exterior
            sample repeatedly and efficiently.                                     image to obtain the most suitable
                                                                                   panoramic image.
                                                      The status is shown on the screen:
                                                        Not measured or skipped
                                       3   2
                                       4   1
                         9   8    6

            Stepping                                                               Presetting
            With this feature, it is easy to inspect samples arranged in a grid-like pattern by   Observation positions and conditions
            setting the stepping distance, number of repeats and direction of movement  can be preset easily. Then just touch
            (horizontal/vertical). The stage moves repeatedly according to the grid pattern.  the preset number to reproduce the
                                                                                   preset imaging conditions.

            Direction of inspection: Horizontal  Direction of inspection: Vertical

            Easily Visible Measurement Results                                     AGC
            Measurement results can be displayed in the form of a summary so that   Set the most suitable observation
            defect positions can be determined easily.                             parameters for all conditions.
                                                                                     AGC ON

                                                                                     AGC OFF

                                                                                        Even if conditions change,
                                                                                        the optimal brightness and
                                                                                        contrast settings can be set instantly.

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