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High Reliability

            Safety Assurance

            During X-ray irradiation, an electromagnetic
            lock prevents opening the front door. In
            addition, to ensure safety, an interlocking
            mechanism stops X-ray irradiation and stage
            movement whenever the door is open.

            Excellent Energy-Saving Design

            When the power-saving mode is active, X-ray
                                                                Standby power consumption (W)
            irradiation is stopped and the power supply is                     Reduced by over 30 %
            shut OFF automatically after a certain period
            of time. Consequently, standby mode power
            consumption is reduced by over 30 %.

            Environmental Protection

            Protection against X-rays remains
            unchanged, but the amount of lead used in
            the X-ray shield box has been reduced
            (95 % less than previous Shimadzu models)
                                                                       Reduced by over 95 %

            Robust System

            The protective function of the computer
            system can prevent system breakdown
            arising from illegal storage, crashes, or other
            problems caused by malware and protect the
            hard disk.

                                                                                                Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System  13
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