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Easy to Use, Even for the First Time,

           by Following Simple Steps

           The inspection procedure is simplified as much as possible,
           from sample placement to rapid movement to the inspection positions,
           which significantly shortens the inspection time.


               Replace sample

               Just touch the Change Sample button
               to stop X-ray irradiation and release the
               electromagnetic lock of the front door.
               In addition, the stage can be moved
               automatically to a position that facilitates
               sample replacement.

              (Performed within 4 seconds)

               New High-Speed Design

               Newly Designed High-Speed Stage

               The newly designed high-speed stage mechanism can move to
               the desired inspection positions more quickly.
               (More than twice as fast as previous Shimadzu models)

                                 Travel in Y-direction
                                 350 mm in 4 seconds

                                       Travel in X-direction
                                       300 mm in 4 seconds
                   Travel in Z-direction
                   400 mm in 3 seconds

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