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          GC/GCMS Product Specialist
          at Shimadzu (Asia Pacific)
                                                                               Atsuhiko Toyama

                                                                               Marketing Manager at Shimadzu
                                  Cindy Lee                                    Marketing Innovation Centre

                                  Marketing Executive at Shimadzu
                                  Marketing Innovation Centre

              Shimadzu produced our first Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) system in 1970 and has a long-standing history of GCMS
          technologies. With the current analytical trends and developments, we continue to pioneer new frontiers for GCMS. Notably, with our
          2018 launch of NX model of the GCMS Series, Shimadzu aims to achieve superior performance, enhanced sensitivity, durable hardware and
          reliable operation for all our users and their applications.
              We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever GCMS Fundamental Guide. This guidebook is part of Shimadzu’ s Primer Series and aims
          to deepen your understanding on the essential GCMS principles. GCMS is essentially two pieces of technology, GC and MS, integrated
          together seamlessly. You could expert to learn not one but two sets of principle, and how they complement each other. This guidebook
          further illustrates our long history and innovative developments and serve as an excellent source of information for practical application
              We would like to express our gratitude for your eagerness to learn more about GCMS and taking the time to read this primer. We
          sincerely wish that it exceeds your expectation and provides you with a good foundation for GCMS.
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