Page 11 - Fundamental Guide to GCMS
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Chapter 1  Basics of GC

                        Figure 4: Applications of GC

                        2019/11/10 ver.

                                        APPLICATIONS OF GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY

                                                    Oil, Gas & Chemical
                                                      Analysis of sulfur,
                                                      inorganic gases &
                                                      light hydrocarbons

                         Flavor & Fragrance                                   Environmental Testing
                          Analysis of aromat-                                     Analysis of volatile
                          ics in perfume, wine                                     environmental
                              and coffee                                             pollutants

                           Pharmaceuticals                                     Forensic Toxicology
                              Impurities &                                        Steroid and drug
                            residual solvent                                          analysis

                                                      Food & Beverage
                                                     Analysis of pesticides,
                                                    additives & contaminants

            GC is generally employed for the analysis of small and volatile
            molecules such as light hydrocarbons and volatile organic   Click here to learn more:    Click here
            compounds. These analyses are required in almost every   Refer to Shimadzu GC
                                                                 application notes targeted for
            industry. Together with GC’s easy-to-understand principles and   your analyses
            simple interface, it serves many applications.

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