Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the Autograph AGX-V Series of Precision Universal Testers. These high-performance materials testing instruments feature proprietary control technology for unparalleled functionality. The AGX-V testers are newly designed for optimal operability and ease of use, and are equipped with enhanced safety measures that protect operators and equipment. Released in conjunction with the AGX-V, TRAPEZIUMX-V materials testing software allows for easy creation of test conditions and data management.

At the heart of the AGX-V is a sophisticated controller equipped with dual microprocessors (MPU) and three engine units (FPGA) that manage communication, measurement and control functions. Advanced parallel processing and a meticulously designed timing protocol achieve ultrafast responsiveness and industry-leading 10 kHz high-speed data sampling. The result is superior data acquisition, phenomenal stress and strain control and outstanding autotuning capabilities.

The AGX-V testers let operators confidently operate the system. The smart controller automatically guides the user through the initialization process to ensure the system is optimized to accurately capture measurements. A new multi-joint dramatically simplifies setup, assembly and connection of fixtures to the load cell, allowing operators to quickly switch testing setups and load cells with minimal effort. An upgraded servo motor and the AGX-V’s intelligent crosshead enable quicker, easier positioning of fixtures for testing. The crosshead enables the system to track the position of fixtures regardless of the zero position, ensuring the fixtures will always be in the correct testing position.

Safety features include highly transparent and impact resistant safety shields to protect operators from fl¬ying debris. The shields incorporate an interlock function to prevent unforeseen accidents by stopping the crosshead during testing and return operations. The intelligent crosshead always recognizes its current position, so if an incorrect operation causes too close a jig interval, an impact warning will sound, alerting the operator.

The user-friendly TRAPEZIUMX-V materials testing software features user interface enhancements, improved data reliability, and new functionality. Users can specify complicated parameter settings while viewing the overall sequence using the test parameter wizard. Guidance for operating procedures is linked to the software help function and displayed on each window. In addition, easy-to-understand illustrations are used for test control, samples and data processing parameter windows, which makes specifying settings much easier.

Autograph AGX-V Series

This is the AGX-V.

At Shimadzu, our aim is to develop instruments that provide the highest level of test results. To this end, we created the AGX, the highest class of testing machine in the industry. It features a high rigidity frame; multi processors, high-speed sampling and high-accuracy automatic control; an intelligent crosshead; stroke limit switches; a high degree of safety; a smart controller equipped with a progressive user interface; and software that supports the creation of test conditions and data processing with intuitive operability.
Shimadzu has been manufacturing testing machines for more than 100 years. The AGX series is the culmination of the continuous evolution of the AUTOGRAPH based on our wealth of experience and achievements, and insights from customers around the world.

Aggregation of Cutting-Edge Functions

01 Aggregation of Cutting-Edge Functions

・Revolutionary Technology Provides Full Control
・Frame Design Provides High Rigidity and High Level Alignment

True Safety for both the Operator and the Machine

02 True Safety for both
the Operator and the Machine

・Safety Cover
・Intelligent Crosshead
・Overload Detection Function
・Stroke Limit Switch
・Self Check Function

All Jigs are Easily Connected

03 Operability that Takes the Shortest Path to Results

・All Jigs are Easily Connected
・Smart Controller


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