This unique instrument based on ultrasonic resonance allows:

– 10cycle testing in 14 hours (compared to 39 days at 300Hz)
– 1010 cycle testing in 6 days (compared to 365 days at 300Hz) 

USF-2000A Operating Principles
USF-2000A Ultrasonic Gigacycle Fatigue Testing System


USF-2000A Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System test cycle per hour graph
  • 20kHz ± 500kHz test frequency
       109 cycle tests in 14 hours (39 days at 300Hz)
       1010 cycle tests in 6 days (365 days at 300Hz)
  • Stress Range: 100MPa to 1,200MPa
       1000MPa steels may be tested
  • ±50 µm displacement at end surface of horn
  • Recreates fatigue failure appearance from micro-defects and inclusions.
  • Resonance technique reduces power consumption compared to traditional fatigue tests.
  • Small tabletop design 
  • Air-cooled, no oil or cooling water required. 
  • Mean stress load option is available.


USF-2000A Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System installed configuration with PC

Standard Components

  1. Very high cycle resonance system
    – Main unit
    – Control box
    – Power supply
    – Piezo actuator
    – Horn
    – Air dryer
  2. PC System
  3. Very high cycle fatigue test control measurement software

Air compressor, non-contact displacement sensor, displacement calibrator and displacement recorder are also required.

Custom Tensile Loading System

USF-2000A Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System custom tensile loading system diagram


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