High efficiency is often required for quality control applications. The SMX-800 is a system developed specially to meet such needs, comprising a touch screen display, a joystick, an intuitive user interface, and a newly designed high-speed stage, which reduces the time required for launching the software before inspections. It allows anyone to simply and rapidly detect minor defects in the circuit boards and electronics.

Real-Time Detection, Visualized Operation

Operations such as positioning, zoom-in and zoom-out can be performed directly by touching the large touch screen, enabling anyone to operate the system immediately and improve efficiency.

Zoom- In

Drag the fluoroscopic image display area from left to right to cover the display area.


Drag the image from right to left to zoom out by a certain factor.

Center Positioning

The position of touched on the fluoroscopic image display moves to the center of the display area.

Zoom-In of Exterior Image

Drag the exterior image display area from left to right to zoom in.

Easy to Use, Even for the First Time, by Following Simple Steps

The inspection procedure is simplified as much as possible, from sample placement to rapid movement to the inspection positions, which significantly shortens the inspection time.


Replace sample
Just touch the Change Sample button to stop X-ray irradiation and release the electromagnetic lock of the front door. In addition, the stage can be moved automatically to a position that facilitates sample replacement.


Start Inspection
Close the door and touch the Start button gently to irradiate X-rays automatically and take an overview exterior image of the stage.


Position the Field of View
Touch the exterior image to align the position roughly. Then touch the fluoroscopic image to reach the target inspection point, thereby positioning the high-speed stage easily.

Complete Inspections Quickly with No Wasted Movements

Smart Design for Practical Efficiency

All operations can be performed within finger reach to minimize wasted movements and avoid unnecessary waste of time.
In addition, the system is compact, and easy to handle and store.

Easy Stage Control Using a 3-Axis Joystick

With the 3-axis joystick on the controller, you can perform such operations as fluoroscopic image positioning and zooming in/out with a single hand. The fluoroscopic image moves, turns, or zooms in or out based on the tilt of the joystick.
Movement speed may be varied by varying the operating force. Total hardware control provides excellent response and easy stage control.

High Reliability

Safety Assurance

During X-ray irradiation, an electromagnetic lock prevents opening the front door. In addition, to ensure safety, an interlocking mechanism stops X-ray irradiation and stage movement whenever the door is open.

Excellent Energy-Saving Design

When the power-saving mode is active, X-ray irradiation is stopped and the power supply is shut OFF automatically after a certain period of time. Consequently, standby mode power consumption is reduced by over 30 %.

Environmental Protection

Protection against X-rays remains unchanged, but the amount of lead used in the X-ray shield box has been reduced considerably.
(95 % less than previous Shimadzu models)

Robust System

The protective function of the computer system can prevent system breakdown arising from illegal storage, crashes, or other problems caused by malware and protect the hard disk.

Convenient Features for Improved Inspection Efficiency


Register checkpoints in advance to inspect the same type of sample repeatedly and efficiently.

Panoramic Image

Specify the range from the exterior image to obtain the most suitable panoramic image. Note) Patent pending


With this feature, it is easy to inspect samples arranged in a grid-like pattern by setting the stepping distance, number of repeats and direction of movement (horizontal/vertical). The stage moves repeatedly according to the grid pattern.

Direction of inspection: Horizontal

Direction of inspection: Vertical


Observation positions and conditions can be preset easily. Then just touch the preset number to reproduce the preset imaging conditions.

Easily Visible Measurement Results

Measurement results can be displayed in the form of a summary so that defect positions can be determined easily.


Set the most suitable observation parameters for all conditions.

Vivid Images

More vivid and undistorted images can be obtained compared to images taken by analog cameras today.

Images before and after distortion correction and shading compensation

Image Resolution

Size of Perspective Field of View

Field of view size is about 3 mm at the maximum magnification.
(A ball-point pen tip of 0.7 mm is shown.)

Maximum field of view is about 48 mm.
With one observation, you can confirm an overview image of a CF card with external dimensions of 42.8 mm × 36.4 mm.


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