Evaluation of the mechanical characteristics of materials with respect to temperature and load

Capable of evaluating the mechanical characteristics of materials, the TMA-60/60H thermomechanical analyzers are applicable to a number of measurement methods* (expansion, tension, and penetration) for a variety of samples.

* The TMA-60 is capable of measurement using the total expansion method, while the TMA-60H uses the differential expansion method.


  • The multifunctional TMA-60 (-150°C to 600°C, ambient temperature to 1,000°C), which uses the total expansion method, is capable of accommodating every mode for samples with a variety of shapes (such as rods, films, and fibers), and for different types of measurements (compression, tension, and penetration). (Use the LTB-60 cooling furnace, provided separately, which features one-touch replacement, for measurements below ambient temperature.)
  • For more accurate measurement of thermal expansion for ceramics and glass, the TMA-60H (ambient temperature to 1,500°C), which uses the differential expansion method, provides accurate results into the high temperature range.
  • A new high-accuracy, low drift displacement sensor has been adopted. Thanks to high-accuracy digital displacement sensors, measurement accuracy with the TMA-60/60H is dramatically improved in comparison to conventional TMA, which uses displacement sensors (differential transformers). At the same time, the wide ± 5 mm range (twice that of our conventional instruments) delivers high-accuracy TMA (thermomechanical analysis) covering from minute to significant deformations.
  • The TMA-60’s automatic sample measurement functions are truly innovative. With the TMA-60’s automatic measurement method, sample deformation is measured directly by the sensor. As a result, higher accuracy results are obtained in comparison to methods in which sample length is calculated from the distance the motor travels.
  • Both the TMA-60 and TMA-60H furnace units are easily replaced, and the plug-in sample thermal sensor radically simplifies maintenance.
  • Featuring 2 gas flow channel systems as standard, the instrument allows independent introduction of detector purge gas or water vapor and reaction gas. (Use the optional FC-60A to interlock gas switching control with the temperature program.)
  • The instrument is equipped with a cooling fan, which automatically cools the furnace after the measurements.
  • The instrument can be connected to a TW-60WS software system, recognized as the leading software in the thermal analysis instrument industry. Take advantage of convenient operations and a variety of applications in a Windows operating environment.


Item Specifications
Temperature Range TMA-60: Ambient to 1,000°C (for expansion measurement)
Ambient to 600°C (for tension and penetration measurement in an inert gas)
-150°C to 600°C (when using the LTB-60 cooling furnace)
TMA-60H: Ambient to 1,500°C
Sample Dimensions Diameter:8 mm x 20 mm max. (TMA-60)
5 mm x 20 mm max. (TMA-60H)
Film: 5 mm (W) x 1 mm (T) x 20 mm (L) max.(for tension measurement)
Load on Sample 0 N ±5 N
Dimensions 367 mm (W) x 624 mm (D) x 880 mm (H)
Weight 45 kg


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