Thermal Analysis Workstation
Global data transfer via Internet mail

Your E-mail software can be started simply by selecting the menu on the TA-60WS analysis screen. Since edited thermal analysis data are immediately added as an attachment file, it can be directly sent to overseas plants or distant sections in your company. A received data file can be opened on the analysis screen simply by double-clicking it, and also can be re-analyzed, output or transferred. (To transfer data, Internet mail environment is required.)

Simplified report creating procedure using general-purpose software

Simplified report creating procedure using general-purpose software
Supporting OLE, the thermal analysis software starts simply by clicking the required thermal analysis data inserted in the MS-WORD(R) or MS-EXCEL(R) file, and gets ready for re-analysis and modification of the data. The reports and study summaries are linked to the inserted thermal analysis data. Thus, when saving the report file, its thermal analysis data is automatically saved to facilitate document management.

Personal screens and printing formats

You can set the graph size, line type and width of data curves, division intervals, length of additional lines and number of digits for numeric values as you like to create your own layout and format. With the print preview function, you can foresee the print imaging and eliminate unnecessary printout.

Data calibration and traceability

To correct the measured data, you can use functions, such as the data processing including smoothing, baseline drift and temperature correction or calculation of the differentiated curve. Correction history is inserted to the data file and displayed on the screen/report as required to ensure traceability and GLP conformity.

Simultaneous analysis of overlaid data curves

When analyzing thermal analysis data, you may often overlay a series of measured data curves in a single graph sheet in order to clarify the difference between the samples. Unlike the conventional software packages, the TA-60WS software can perform simultaneous analysis of the superposed curves for all the items, e.g., melting temperature of the respective samples.

Full Windows(R) 95/98/NT compatibility

Windows(R) 95/98/NT has excellent functions and features such as situation-dependent help, shared folder, drag & drop, and page setup. The TA-60WS software can use these functions and features because of its compatibility with Windows(R). In addition, its operating environment is common to other software for general use or instrument control.

Data security

If the power supply is cut off during measurement, the current data are still available

Compatible with general-purpose software

The TA-60WS software allows the specified items, such as file information, measurement parameters, analysis results, to be converted to ASCII format and output to the clip board or saved as a file.

Specifications / TA-60WS

Module 4 Modules of 50 and 60 series
Monitoring Auto or changable scale
Snap Shot capable
Sampling Interval 0.1 to 999 sec.
Analysis Temp, Time, Intersection of tangents, Peak of DSC, DTA, TGA curves and their Derivatives, Heat
Data Correction Temp, Heat, Smoothing, Baseline drift
Data Correction Temp, Heat, Smoothing, Baseline drift
Network capable to Mail (under Internet mail environment)
Report Customized font, axis, division
Multiview no limitation of file’s number, capable of data analysis
ASCII Transformation Analysis results, data, measuring conditions
OLE Correspond
Size W:85 D:220 H:170nm
Power 115/120VAC or 220/240VAC, 200VA


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