The SALD® 201V Particle Size Analyzer is a compact, economically priced instrument that offers high performance and reliability features for a wide range of food, liquid, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. A measuring range of 0.25 to 350 µm accomodates most routine analysis requirements.

WingSALD software for Windows® 95 provides flexibility for setting up test samples and enables real time display of particle size distribution. Enhanced data processing capability includes superimposed comparison of up to 12 graphs to establish trends and confirm reproducibility.

Specifications SALD-201V

  Model-1 Model-2
Method of measurement Laser diffraction method
Measuring range 0.25-50μm* 0.25-350μm*
Optical system Light source Semiconductor laser(670 nm in wavelength)
Sample cell Batch cell Pyrex glass and tetrafluoroethylene
Flow-thru cell Fused silica,SU304,and tetrafluoroethylene
Sampler Sample bath SUS304 and about 200cm3 in capacity
Liquid pump Peristaltic pump,about 1,000cm3/min,in the maximum delivery rate
Material of wetted parts SUS304,silicone rubber,and polypropylene
Power requirement Analyzer main unit 100,110,120,200,220 or 240VAC as ordered,100VA
Analyzer main unit with CE mark 100,115,230VAC,100VA
Sampler 100,110,120,200,220, or 240VAC as ordered,100VA
Sampler with CE mark 100,115,230VAC,100VA
Dimensions and Weight Analyzer main unit About 28cm wide,34cm deep 51cm high, and about 25kg in weight
Sampler About 24cm wide,33cm deep,29cm high,and about 11kg in weight
Environmental requirements Temperature 10-30° C
Humidity 20-80%
PC hardware requirements IBM 100% compatible
Windows 95/98/NT4.0;CD-ROM drive;Pentium;16MB RAM:20MB of free HD space;1 serial ports(when the sampler is to be controlled by PC)

* Depends on the characteristics of the sample particles