• Comprehensive gasoline measurements determining bulk PIONA and specific oxygenate and BTEX compound content.
  • Provides a lot of information in a fast, robust measurement.
  • Relatively simple instrumentation, setup, and analysis procedures.
  • Complies to method ASTM D8071

* The VUV detector VGA-100 is a product of VUV ANALYTICS, INC.

Fuel analysis simplified

Hydrocarbon mix chromatogram. Inset shows how VUV Analyze identifies peaks by compound class based on their spectral response.

The VGA-100 significantly simplifies PIONA compound analysis in finished gasoline. The VUV absorption spectra demonstrate obvious class similarities, allowing for simplified compound class separation.

ASTM Method D8071

ASTM D8071 provides equivalent PIONA compound information that would otherwise require the use of multiple ASTM methods with complex setups and instrumentation. ASTM D8071 can be substituted for these methods.


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