A gas chromatograph is used for composition analysis of gasoline and its additives in order to improve fuels’ performance. In addition to excellent performance, Shimadzu’s GC systems improve productivity. For example, the Nexis GC-2030 system combines three standards into one to save analytical instrument and labor costs.

Benzene, toulene, and aromatics analysis system
(Compliant with ASTM-D3606, D4815, D5580)

Model NameNexis GC-2030 3606-4815-5580-1
Reference MethodASTM-D3606
Type of DetectorTCD, FID
Target CompoundsDual channel and valve system realizes simultaneous analysis compliant with ASTM D3606, D4815, D5580
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Benzene and toulene analysis system

Model NameNexis GC-2030 BTA1Nexis GC-2030 BTA2Nexis GC-2030FBTA1
Reference MethodASTM-D3606ASTM-D3606ASTM-D3606
Type of DetectorTCDFIDFID
Target Compounds0.1% to 5% for Benzene,
2% to 20% for Toluene
10ppm to 5% for Benzene,
200ppm to 20% for Toluene
1 ppm to 1000 ppm for Benzene,
1 ppm to 1000 ppm for Toluene
Analysis Time9 minutes9 minutes4 minutes
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Aromatic components analysis

Model NameNexis GC-2030ACA1
Reference MethodASTM-D5580
Type of DetectorFID
Target Compounds0.1 to 5% for Benzene, 1 to 15% for Toluene, 0.5 to 10% for C8 aromatics, 5 to 30% for total C9 and heavier aromatics
Analysis Time38 minutes
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Oxygenate analysis
MDGC-2010 system provides higher separation. Learn MDGC-2010

Oxygenate Analysis

Model NameNexis GC-2030OXY2Nexis GC-2030OAS3Nexis GC-2030OAS1
Reference MethodASTM-D7423UOP-960ASTM-D4815
Type of DetectorFIDTwo FIDFID
Target CompoundsDME, Diethyl ether, Acetaldehyde, ETBE, MTBE, DIPE, Methanol, Acetone, MEKETBE, MTBE, DIPE, Propionaldehyde, TAME, C1 to C5 alcohols in liquid hydrocarbon streamMTBE, ETBE, TAME, DIPE, tertiary-Amyl Alcohol and C1 to C4 alcohols in gasoline
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Detailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA)

GC-2014 system is also available for some applications.


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