Three- in- one system for refinery gas

Shimadzu’s Complete Extended Refinery Gas Analysis (CERGA) system provides complete analytical methods for multiple applications. A dual oven system, together with a liquid sample injection device, liquefied gas injection device and gas injection device, enables the injection of most petroleum samples without making changes to the system flow diagrams. One CERGA system can perform three analyses, such as fast RGA analysis, liquefied hydrocarbon gas sample analysis and liquid hydrocarbon sample analysis.

Target compounds

Name of Compound
Concentration Range
Name of Compound
Concentration Range
Low Conc.High Conc.Low Conc.High Conc.
1Helium (He)0.01%5%14iso-Butane (i-C4H10)0.01%1.00%
2Hydrogen (H2)0.01%80%15n-Butane (n-C4H10)0.01%1.00%
3Oxygen (O2)0.01%50%16Propadiene (C3H4)0.01%1.00%
4Nitrogen (N2)0.01%50%17Acetylene (C2H2)0.01%1.00%
5Methane (Ch4)0.01%80%18trans-2-Butene (trans-C4H8)0.01%1.00%
6Carbon Monoxide (CO)0.01%10%191-Butene (1-C4H8)0.01%1.00%
7Carbon Dioxide (CO2)0.01%30%20iso-Butylene (i-C4H8)0.01%1.00%
8Ethylene (C2H4)0.01%10%21cis-2-Butene (cis-C4H8)0.01%1.00%
9Ethane (C2H6)0.01%10%22iso-Pentane (i-C5H12)0.01%1.00%
10Acethylene (C2H2)0.01%10%23n-Pentane (n-C5H12)0.01%1.00%
11Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)0.05%30%241,3-Butadiene (1,3-C4H6)0.01%1.00%
12Propane (C3H8)0.01%5%25Propyne (C3H4)0.01%1.00%
13Propylene (C3H6)0.01%5%26C6 plus0.01%1.00%

Simple software (GCsolution CERGA) operation of dual system

Even though dual GC-2014 ovens operate simultaneously, simple software is available for setting necessary parameters to operate the Complete Extended Refinery Gas Analysis system. This software works together with Shimadzu GCsolution software.


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