Conventional LC/MS and GC/MS face these challenges.

Time-consuming sample preparation

Degradation of labile compounds during sample preparation

Low abundant peaks hidden in noise

Nexera UC provides uncompromising solutions.

Fully automated on-line sample preparation and analysis

Even labile compounds can be analyzed without degradation

Unified speed of analysis, sensitivity, and resolution

Just another chromatographic technique… or the only technique you’ll need?

Nexera UC improves your analytical workflow by utilizing a completely new separation technology, Unified Chromatography, which unites sample separation, analysis with various separation modes, and high-sensitivity detection.

Solutions provided by Nexera UC

 Isomeric compoundsChiral analysisAnalysis of biomarkers from dried blood spotsQuick start of cleaning validation in pharmaceutical industryAnalysis of polymer additives

Comparison of QuEChERS sample preparation and Nexera UC in the analysis of residual pesticides

A typical sample preparation takes 35 minutes and requires several manual steps. With Nexera UC, the same sample can be ready for on-line SFE/SFC analysis in as little as five minutes with only a few simple sample preparation steps.

* “Miyazaki Hydro-Protect”, Patented in Japan No.3645552

Hundreds of compounds are simultaneously analyzed with Nexera UC. These include pesticides that are usually analyzed with LC and LC/MS/MS or GC and GC/MS/MS. Nexera UC enables analysis of compounds over a wide polarity range.

Analysis of Compounds with Wide Polarity Range


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