Enhancing Method Development Efficiency by Nexera Method Scouting

In a typical method scouting procedure, data is collected using a number of mobile phase and column combinations. Analyzers switching manually between these combinations are limited by the number of work hours in a single day, making it impossible to perform method scouting efficiently. The Nexera Method Scouting System is capable of automatically investigating up to 96 combinations of mobile phases and columns, without such time restrictions, thereby significantly improving method development productivity.

Method Scouting Workflow

・Method Scouting Workflow

・Analysis conditions settings
(Mobile phase and column selection)

(Performed automatically)

・Comparison and evaluation of chromatograms

・Method establishment

Analysis (Performed automatically)

The Nexera Method Scouting System achieves stable data acquisition by adopting the newly developed FCV-34AH (100 MPa pressure resistance) high-pressure-resistant column switching valve and manifold. In addition, with auto-purging, mobile phase equilibration times are reduced by purging the mobile phase inside the autosampler, which means a faster method scouting workflow.

Comparison and evaluation of chromatograms

Multi-Data Report* enables quantitation in order to search the data obtained from method scouting for optimal data. With Multi-Data Report, numerical data and graphs can be created, utilizing Microsoft Excel, from calculations based on the degree of separation and the number of peaks. As a result, in addition to visual comparison of chromatograms, determinations can be made based on quantitation of determination standards.

Multi-Data Report* (LabSolutions Multi-Data Report)

Method establishment

Method scouting performed by UHPLC, followed by transfer to conventional conditions


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