Nexera Bio is a biocompatible UHPLC system offering the same superior reliability, robustness, and expandability as our flagship Nexera UHPLC systems. But, Nexera Bio is distinctive in that it is well suited to the analysis of protein-based pharmaceuticals, antibody drugs, and other substances related to biotechnologies, genetic engineering, cell fusion, and cell culturing.

Nexera Bio is compatible with mobile phases containing high concentrations of salts or acids typically used for analyzing antibody drugs and membrane proteins. Its low surface activity inhibits peak tailing experienced on traditional UHPLC systems. Such tailing can be especially problematic when analyzing phosphorylated peptides, which have a high affinity for metals. 

1 Nexera Bio Features

1-1. Low Carryover

Shimadzu autosamplers have a reputation for the lowest carryover in the industry. Nexera Bio features specially selected materials and a rinsing mechanism that further inhibit carryover from biological samples. Peak detection at low levels and chromatographic reproducibility are dramatically improved.

1-2. Minimized Sample Loss due to Adsorption

Some biological molecules adsorb readily to stainless steel tubing. Successful assays for such samples require a system with low surface activity to minimize this problem. The low surface activity of Nexera Bio results in minimized sample loss and greatly improved sensitivity.

1-3. Improved Corrosion Resistance

The analyses of biological samples frequently require mobile phases with high salt concentrations, halogenated compounds or ion pairing agents. These conditions can be problematic for stainless steel UHPLC systems. With Nexera Bio, crucial metal-free components define the wetted surfaces while maintaining a high-efficiency flow path (66 MPa). The system is unaffected by high salt content (KH2PO4 in H3PO4), and the corrosion resistant design provides trouble-free operation.

2. Example Using Nexera Bio and Shim-pack Bio Series

Example Using Shim-pack Bio Diol Columns for Evaluating
Aggregates in Antibody Drugs

  • Shim-pack Bio Diol Column

In this example, Shim-pack Bio Diol water-based size exclusion chromatography columns were used to evaluate aggregates in an antibody drug.

Available in four different pore sizes, Shim-pack Bio Diol columns are suitable for size exclusion chromatography and intended for bioanalysis. They are ideal for analyzing aggregates or separating fragments in antibody drugs, separating nucleic acids or sugar chains, and for measuring molecular weight. 

The figure below shows an example using a Shim-pack Bio Diol column to analyze an antibody drug.
Reducing the particle size from 5 µm to 2 µm improved aggregate separation and also resulted in higher sensitivity and quantitative accuracy. Furthermore, high-speed analysis was achieved by using a shorter (150 mm long) column.

Example Using a Shim-pack Bio IEX Column for Synthetic Oligonucleotides

  • Shim-pack Bio IEX Column

TheShim-pack Bio IEX is an ion-exchange column suitable for separation of proteins and nucleic acids. Shim-pack Bio IEX columns are available with either non-porous or porous particles and are intended for laboratory-scale purification of small quantities.

For the figure below, a non-porous Shim-pack Bio IEX column was used to analyze synthetic oligonucleotides. The Shim-pack Bio IEX is able to distinguish between molecules that differ by only one salt base.

Separation of Synthetic Oligonucleotide (Single-Chain DNA) Using a Shim-pack Q-NP Column

3. Consumables

Nexlock PLS High-Pressure PEEK Tubing and Finger-Tightened Fittings

Nexera Bio systems use highly pressure-resistant PEEK tubing (Nexlock PLS*), reinforced with stainless steel, to connect the autosampler and column. The fittings seal the tubing connection in such a way that minimizes dead volume helps to prevent peak tailing. Because they are finger-tight, no tools are needed.

* 66 MPa pressure capacity indicated in specifications, with replacement recommended after 100 uses


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